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ExpensePlus 1.2.5


ExpensePlus 1.2.5
Application: ExpensePlus
Version: 1.2.5

Website: www.walletware.com

ExpensePlus is the top selling, premiere expense reporting software package for handheld devices. ExpensePlus is the most powerful, full-featured expense reporting package available for handhelds, yet sports a simple, elegant, and easy-to-use graphical, colorful user interface.

Create your company's expense reports in seconds instead of hours!

ExpensePlus® is a powerful Palm software package that lets you capture business expense transactions on your Palm device while traveling on behalf of your company or employer. The HotSync Manager then sends your expense reports to your custom expense report form (or use one of ExpensePlus' sample forms) via Microsoft Excel on your Windows or Macintosh computer when you return to your office.

To get reimbursed for your business expenses, you need to create an expense report -- often in a custom form provided to you by your employer. ExpensePlus will link to virtually any expense report form in any custom format created in Microsoft Excel for Windows or Macintosh computers.

WalletWare can also create a custom link for your company's own custom expense report form. You can submit your expense report in Excel format to Walletware Support for a free quote for WalletWare to create a link to your company's expense report form. If your company buys 10 or more copies of ExpensePlus, then we'll create a link to your company's form for FREE!

To send expense data from ExpensePlus on your Palm to your desktop or laptop computer, you don't have to do anything special -- just tap the HotSync button. All Windows and Macintosh software is included with the package, including several 'sample' expense report forms.

During your HotSync session (or immediately afterward), Microsoft Excel will automatically open, displaying your completed expense report on your screen. All you have to do is print it!

Unlike most of the competitive expense reporting software packages, the price of ExpensePlus includes the cost of the Windows and/or Macintosh software required to generate your expense reports on your desktop and/or laptop computer.

ExpensePlus features:

Create unlimited custom expense categories
Currency conversion rates available for all countries. Select your own home country's currency as the base currency, then pick which currency you used for each expense item. ExpensePlus shows all totals and subtotals in your own home currency automatically.
Track expenses by each of your specific credit cards, checks cash, or other payment methods
Track by client, job, company, profit center, account numbers
Drill-down capabilities on the handheld showing subtotals for expenses by client or job, by payment method, by expense category, expense type, or by specific dates or date ranges
Large "finger-friendly" icon driven interface
Color icons for color Palm handhelds
Integrates automatically with Microsoft Excel and Gelco's ExpenseLink enterprise expense system. Custom links can be created for Oracle, Lotus, SAP, and other enterprise expense systems
Includes Excel expense templates
Includes HotSync® conduits for Windows and Macintosh
Create an auto-link to your company's own custom expense report form or one of ours
Mileage and odometer tracking.
Distinguish between company-paid (or pre-paid) vs. out-of-pocket expenses
Cash advances
NOTE: Removes 30 day limit

You need to install the demo from the site and hotsync. Then install patched file.

NOTE: Removes 30 day limit