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SPB Mobile Shell 1.5 Beta 2 (build 2826)


SPB Mobile Shell 1.5 Beta 2 (build 2826)
Requirements: WM5
Overview: Spb Mobile Shell is the first program a Pocket PC user needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern PDA phone.

- Potential battery leak fixed (at least we hope so!).
- More flexible softkey configuration (for example, if you ever had Pocket Informant calendar softkey on Today, you will get "PI Calendar" option in the combo box; same about other programs)
- Tabs are in a keyboard cycle (e. g. you can press left on the left tab and the right most tab will be selected)
- Photo contacts: the first selected contact is the left most
- Fixed a notification leak
- Fixed bug when Spb Mobile Shell could not install at all
- Fixed bug with annoying horizontal line in drop down mode
- Fixed bug with cursor track in Spb Pocket Plus
- Added help
- All logs are off starting from this build
- One potential crash scenario is fixed

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Exe File: http://rapidshare.com/files/33922312/SpbMobileShell_setup.exe.html
CAB File: http://rapidshare.com/files/33924168/SpbMobileShell.cab.html

ok this serial will do

5D3U-6478-4YWV have fun!


Hey guys,

I was curious to know if this is the latest version of this program, and if so could someone reupload the file? Thanks a bunch!



New member
The link is dead.....its seem spb or someone is killing all the links to mobile shell.....can some one please re-up


Click the first link which is the SPB website. DL the file in there then use the serial. :40:


New member
im looking at this programs screen shot and I like da service bars on how big they are! I know its out of the thread but anychance there is a plugin dat gives us a signal bar like that and or maybe satellite status bars to see how our gps reception is??????


New member


No I don't want 1.5 I want 2.0 Beta that was on XDA......The person that posted 1.5 Beta is wrong thats what threw me 1.5 final been available for a while I own it.....theres a 2.0 Beta thats been making its way around theres sites that everyone is raving about but never mind it now it will be available Tuesday at SPB


its already been posted here brodo a quick search in the future please. Thansk and ere is the link: https://www.smartphonejunkie.org/showthread.php?p=201975#post201975