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Every now and again I get an email from someone who has joined yet can't workout how to post, I thought for every person that emails me there's probably several that haven’t and have not posted and not come back, which is a great loss, so this is a quick beginners guide to posting on the forum.

There are several ways but with out complicating things these are the easiest on the main page of the forum you will see a listing of each forum available you will also notice that there are 2 small icons near the middle of the page, one is a magnifying glass the other is like a notepad icon, if you press that on the forum you would like to post in it will go straight to the post editor box

All you need to do is put in your title. Type your message and press the Submit New Thread button, it's that easy.

Now to reply to a post there are a couple of way of doing this.

Just above the fist post and just below the last one is a Post Reply button, that will take you in to the full screen editor the same as post new thread, or you can use the Quick Reply box, this one's even easier, type your message and submit it and finally there is the quote post button, that shows at the bottom of every persons post, it enables you to quote a post in your reply.

Hope this has helped, because i don't how else to be cleared on this, if not let me know and I will try to expand this

Added: 9.05.2008

Minimum And Maximum Characters Per Post:

I have made changes to forum characters to prevent any sql errors that i was having during sql dump and sql restore.This was done previously and I'm now getting to it.

Basically the characters was causing errors when, when i restoring the forum backup and majority was the forum characters and it was a task that i hated to do to remove certain post with characters not properly sized.So with the advice of few web programmers i decided to implement this.

(In the admin panel i made changes to)

Minimum Characters Per Post:15

Maximum Characters Per Post:21000

Maximum Characters Per Thread/Post Title:75

What do they mean? well for maximum character per thread and post basically is when you start a thread you have up to 75 characters to put on the title, Ex: "Dash New Bmw", and if you go over that you will receive an error that you have to have less then 75. That includes to the rest that i posted.I suggest that if you are going to post more then 21,000 characters create a "readme" file using wordpad or notepad and uploaded to the server and they can read the rest.Just apply enough information about a product, or hack and the rest in readme files...

Special Characters:

Special characters are no longer allowed when posting a thread or post.What characters are no longer allowed? see below:


I want to run a productive forum for everyone to read and understand.I will be doing a lot more changes as i see fit and that's for everyone to enjoy.

If anyone has any questions please start a post at the discussion area and i will do my best to answer it in a timely manner.
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