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Tonaya Tech IPer v5.0


Tonaya Tech IPer v5.0
Requirements: WM2003/2003SE, WM5 with 1820KB of Available Memory
Overview: No need to buy any hardware IP tester any more! IPer is a Pocket PC software test tool for maintaining computer Local Area Networks (LANs) running the TCP/IP protocol.

Key Features

Show Adapter Information:
Adapter type and speed, hardware address, ip address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server...
Release and renew a lease on an IP address previously obtained through DHCP

Show Protocol Statistics:
IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP statistics

Check Network Connectivity:
Use Ping to verify network connectivity, check transmitted and received data integrity, indicate network traffic loading by measuring round trip time
Display MAC address of the pinged host
Tell you if local gatway alive when the pinged host unreachable

UDP Traffic Generator:
Use this function to transmit UDP broadcast packets that will cause the hub link LED to blink or stay continuously. It can help to diagnose the cause of failed ping tests.

SNMP MIB Browser:
Provide snmpwalk function query for a tree of information about a network entity. All variables in the subtree below the given variable are queried and their values presented to the user.

TCP Port Scanner:
Use port scan function to check if a specific service if available.
Wireless Access Points and Network Card Status:
Show current associated access point SSID and its BSSID
802.11 scanner
Show the network card's radio configuration parameters

Wake on LAN:
Send packet to remotely wake up a WOL enabled computer on a LAN

Multithread IP Scanner:
Useful for network administrators to monitor and manage their networks

List all the intermediate routers a connection must pass through to get to its destination

Return information about currently logged on users

Lookup domain names, IP addresses, nameservers, and registrars

HTTP Header Viewer:
See what a HTTP request returns to the browser

TFtp Client:
Support large files transfers
Support 'tsize' and 'blocksize' TFTP options

Use this tool to look up information in the DNS

More Info: HERE

Download Instructions: