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Mastersoft Brain School v1.10


Mastersoft Brain School v1.0
Requirements: PPC 2002, WM2003, WM5 or WM6 (QVGA, VGA and Square screen compatible.)
Overview: This is a brain trainer with a difference ..... 20 amazingly addictive and FUN puzzles, each at 5 increasing levels of difficulty.
Not only fun, but it will train your brain across a wide range of differing aptitudes such as; Verbal, Spatial, Numerical, and Musical ........ challenge your brain and make sure it's functioning at it's optimum potential!

Ulimate Brain Trainer!

What a pity school days were never this much fun. This is one school from which you'll NEVER be tempted to play truant!!!!

Can you graduate from Brain School ?

* Guaranteed Tingles in your Temples.
* Helps you
o Improve your memory
o Improve your spatial awareness
o Improve your logical thinking
o Improve analytical reasoning
o Improve verbal reasoning
o Improve numeracy
o Improve concentration
o Maintain neuronal efficiency
o Offset the effects of brain ageing
o Improve aptitude test scores
* Loads of fun and yet it is good for you!
* You go to the gym to train your muscles; why not train your brain too!
* Simple Sums, Paper Puzzle, Twins, School Trip, Music Lessons and fifteen more!
* Includes SuDoku and Kakuro.
* Up to 40 levels of difficulty per puzzle.
* Daily test to monitor your progress.
* Pick up and play but will take many months to complete.
* Twenty different types of puzzle.
* Pass your Year 4 finals to graduate!
* Vast variety with everything from music lessons to a school trip to the farm.
* Up to ten players.
* Great for kids and adults alike!

More Info:

Download Instructions:
1. uNZIP
2. Install the CAB File to your device
3. Replace the original "BrainSchool.exe" found in
"\Storage Card\Program Files\BrainSchool" (if you installed to Storage Card)
or "\Program Files\BrainSchool" (if you installed directly to device)
with the cracked exe
4. Start the Game, go to Menu -> Help -> Register and enter anything you like
5. It's registered now! Enjoy the game!
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Re: Mastersoft Brain School v1.0

Thanks for sharing!! I appreciate it... WILL EDIT THE FIRST POST With the link you provided!


Re: Mastersoft Brain School v1.0

Thanks for sharing!! I appreciate it... WILL EDIT THE FIRST POST With the link you provided!

did you edit the frist post because i dont see it there? if not just tell me and i can get er done if you cant.