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Animated Today v4.0


Staff member
Gigabyte Solutions Animated Today v4.0
Requirements: Pocket PC 2002 Windows Mobile 2003 Windows Mobile 5
Overview: Animated Today version 4 will bring your Today screen to life with glorious full color animations.

Animated Today created the Animated Theme market more than three years ago and there are now thousands of free themes available to download.

Version 4 of Animated Today includes all the features of the award winning version 3 plus the following additional great new features:-
-`Improved device performance
-`Lower memory footprint
-`Better power handling
-`Supports Landscape, Square and Hires devices
-`Compatible with Windows Mobile 5

Fully internationalized with support for 12 languages including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Taiwanese

More Info:

Download Instructions: It's retail.

Animated Today

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If you went to the site link he gave you would have read wm 5 or 6...Its not that hard bro


make sure to press thank you


New member
I take it both links do the same thing just two diff links. Isnt this suppose to be program so u can customized it like the GenCe program??Im confused.


I take it both links do the same thing just two diff links. Isnt this suppose to be program so u can customized it like the GenCe program??Im confused.

yeah there just mirris just different places for downloading it.... and no this is a plugin that makes it so that you can use animated themes on your phone...... not to make animated through themegen..... and do you do themes throuh themegen??? if so post them up and become a staff member here at spj as part of team htc...... after 5 theme posts you can become a staff member as that and after 30 days if you keep up the posting you get vip status for free.


Gotcha, I will in the future. Just doin my homework on the apps n all that. Thanks

aight yeah thats the best to do.... finally someone that does there homework before diving into the ppc modding game and messing up all the time and yelling at us for that...... lol good choice bro your gonna be successful in doing so by doing it the right way and learning before you do so.