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PhoneWeaver v1.02


PhoneWeaver v1.02
Requirements: Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 OS.
Overview: PhoneWeaver is a phone management application designed to help control your phone state parameters using profiles in the most intuitive way. Using profiles you can link between your phone state and your agenda, time of day and much more.

Using PhoneWeaver you can define smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on the time, appointments or phone state. Each smart profile can fully control the state of your phone radio, Wi-Fi, push mail, Bluetooth, ringer, vibrate state and much more! PhoneWeaver also adds a clean and straightforward plugin to your Today screen, allowing you to view and control the currently active profile. PhoneWeaver is the best way to link your information stored on your mobile device with your device phoning capabilities!

PhoneWeaver version history

Ver 1.02, 06/18/2007

Support for upgrading while the plugin is running under PocketBreeze: Now Pb is disabled during the upgrade if PhW plugin is running under it and enabled again without enabling also the PhoneWeaver plugin.
Support for global "No Change" in sounds Tab. Now it is possible to define a profile as No change any sound, what is especially useful for profiles that can follow a mute or vibrate profile. To make space for the new option, radio buttons for Master Volume Options, have been combined in a Combo Box. Upgrade of the .ini files is done automatically.
Agenda profile code is totally new rewritten: Now it supports:
Nested appointments: If an appointment starts during another it will be triggered if a profile agree with the conditions. It is useful for having "long" appointments as "Free time" and inside them a sorter one like "BBQ in my friend's house". When an appointment ends, it reverts to its parent appointment. And only when the lowest level appointment have ended (or it does not have a profile that agrees with it) returns to the Base Timed Base Profile.
Meeting is now a restriction, not an option: Now Agenda Based profiles are only based on Type (busy, out of Office...) and then restrictions are applied, like to be also a meeting.
Agenda Appointment categories is also a restriction: You can restrict than a Profile triggers only if it is "Busy or Out of office" AND Meeting AND category=Work
*CAUTION: If a profile can trigger on Agenda Busy, no matter of meeting (meeting unchecked) or category (Category=All) it must be ordered AFTER a profile that have a restriction on meeting or category... In general MORE RESTRICTED PROFILES MUST COME BEFORE MORE RELAXED ONES.BUGS SOLVED
Solved a bug that has a strange effect: If the Backlight was changed by a profile while the device was suspended, and the Bluetooth was active, the device entered in a “idle state” that have a slightly bigger battery consumption and the backlight didn’t activate when the device effectively waked up.
When no Power profiles were defined or didn't agree the adequate conditions, if power events were received, the running profiled was modified.
When a profile that doesn't change volume is applied over another non mute or vibrate profile, a random volume was applied.
Call volume only worked for maximum or minimum on many devices no matter of medium volumes being selected.
When the device were disconnected from the PC or AC charger in the same minute that a Time profile had to enter, random results could be obtained.
Exported/imported dialog title has been improved.
Improved behavior when switching on Push email (via profile or LED button).
Grayed/black text on sounds tab did not change well accordingly to the Master Volume Option selected.
In devices with the US patch for Daylight Saving Time or in devices with automatic TimeZone Change, a "Cannot run PhWeaver.exe" notification error was displayed after a soft reset.
Several minor bugs also solved.COMPATIBILITY ISSUES SOLVED
Backlight change compatibility with more devices.
Today Plugin compatibility with some systems improved.
Ringtone compatibility with Treo 700/750

More Info:

Download Instructions:
Name : sympda
Key : 587-EVUFCIDG-829