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Have you ever been somewhere and had a tune in your head that you just had to hear but it was on your home pc?

AmpachPre is the worlds first front end for webOS to the great Web-based Audio file manager / web Media Server Ampache.

Just setup a web server, install Ampache, enter your account info into AmpachPre and login.
Search for artists, albums or songs.

With AmpachPre you have your entire music library at your fingertips.


1. Install a LAMP, WAMP or MAMP server.

  • I made a How-to for vista32bit users. It is not pretty but its located here.
  • Ubuntu/Debian visit here
  • mac users check here
Basically you need the apache web server with php and mySQL.
for simplicity install it to C:/xampp

2. Grab a copy of Ampache 3.5.1.
(This app will NOT work with previous versions.)
You can find Installation instructions for Ampache here.
Open your web browser and type
This will start the configuration of ampache.
3. Enable the API by adding a access list via the instructions here. or
a. Extract the ampache archive to C:/xampp/htdocs/ampache
b. Start the web server if not already started.
c. Start your internet browser and type this into the address bar.
You should now be presented with ampache's configuration screen.
d. Create a database with the root username and password you created in xampp's installation.
e. Create a username and password for ampache.
f. When prompted to download ampache.php.cfg, save it in to C://xampp/htdocs/ampache/config
g. Now you can log in to ampache as the username you created in ampaches setup. Not the database user. the administrator user.
h. goto the little icon that looks like a pc in the left corner, click on add acl Name it what ever you want.
NAME : AmpachPre
LEVEL: all
USER: all
REMOTE KEY: leave blank
4. Enter a account you made in the accounts section of the application menu on AmpachPre, then click save.

5. Tap login then search.

TODO: Playlists, this is a much needed feature.
TODO: Custom Stream Scene.
TODO: SSL support.
/*Support for multiple accounts.*/ done in v1.0.1
TODO: Video support.

Known Issues:
1. When a artist comes up with a album name that has more than one artist with the same album name. All songs from all the artists are listed instead of just the songs by the artist searched.

License Info:
AmpachPre version 1.0 is under the Creative Commons-No Derivative license.
Future versions are yet undetermined.

i take no credit for this app and the original thread can be found here: