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Announcing LaunchPad v1.0 from worthwhileTech.


LaunchPad - There's no faster way to dial, email, or text, period.
LaunchPad lets you put photo icons of your contacts right in the launcher. Now your favorite people are one tap away. Turn a launcher page into a favorites page, with photo icons that allow you to call, email or text with a single tap. Sort, customize, and rearrange to your hearts content. Your most favorite can even be dropped into the "quick-launch" bar for even faster access.

If you have lots of friends, now you'll have a real good reason to apply that "add additional pages to launcher" hack. Imagine, speed dial links on a page, email links on a page, sms links on a page, and pages left over for all those cool homebrew apps. All this greatness and it uses the native pre interface, not a separate app you have to keep open.

Don't worry, if you don't have lots of friends, tell everybody you know about LaunchPad and you'll make new friends faster than ever.

NOTE: When you tap a launchpoint, you DO NOT go through the contacts app. Tapping a dialer launchpoint dials the phone immediately. SMS launchpoints take you straight to your threaded message view, and email launchpoints launch a new email message, pre-addressed.

LaunchPad will revolutionize the way you organize your contacts and use your Pre.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: How do I delete a launchpoint I have created?
A: Hold orange button on keyboard and tap the launchpoint.

Q: How do I vote for / rate LaunchPad?
A: Go to http://www.precentral.net/homebrew-apps/launchpad and click on the stars to give a rating. If you find LaunchPad useful please take a moment to give a rating as right now it's the only feedback we developers have access to as far as how well received an app is (other than comments in this thread). If you have issues with LaunchPad post them here and I'll do my best to address them. Let me know what it would take to make LaunchPad a 5-star program for you.

Q: I would like to donate to help support the further development of LaunchPad. How do I do this?
A: Click Here

Upcoming Features
1. Ability to create a call history launchpoint. If I need to call somebody that's not one of my favorites, chances are they are in my recent call history. On my treo it was a single button but now I have to load the phone app, wait, and then hit the call log button. Not any more.

2. More options. Personally I love that a single tap initiates dialing immediately, but I know others like the safety of hitting the dial button in the phone app before a call is placed. Soon you will have the option when creating a dial link which dial method to use. I've never drunk dialed an ex girlfriend but I imagine it could cause trouble.

3. Program group links that will open up a launcher-like card with all games or all utilities etc.

4. Group text and email links. Assign a group of close friends to a link and text them all with a single tap. Or, update your twitter,facebook status and whatever other social networking site all with a single tap. Even post a photo to multiple online photo sites all from a single link.

5. Use email addresses for sms links.

6. Option to create dial, email and sms launchpoints for a single contact without having to go through the process 3 times.

7. Option to create launchpoint title with underscore instead of space before link type (Bob Smith_email and Bob Smith_sms). This will keep universal search from bringing up all your sms launchpoints when you are searching for a person or app that begins with an "s". This will be an option because I personally like to have universal search bring up all my email launchpoints as soon as I type an "e" but again this is a personal preference. Also, I will add " dial" link type to end of title for dialer launchpoints to allow universal search using "d".

i take no credit for this app and the original thread can be found here: