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Nautical Calculator .NET v1.2.21263 Build 2726


Nautical Calculator .NET v1.2.21263 Build 2726
Requirements: All Pocket PC with .NET CF, 475kb RAM
Overview: Nautical Calculator provides an array of powerful functions for those learning marine navigation or wanting to reduce the amount of pencil and paper math and increase reliability and accuracy of their calculations when planning a passage.

•Easy to use: Pocket PC compliant user interface. Intuitive, clean, and professionally designed to speed up usage and minimize typing.
•Night Vision Friendly: Choose from three night settings: white, red or green on a black background.
•Lat/Lon from Coordinate, Bearing and Distance: A destination coordinate can be determined if you know the starting coordinate, the true bearing and the distance.
•Bearing and Distance Between Two Coordinates: Enter an origin and destination coordinate and see what the initial true bearing and distance are.
•Determine Set and Drift: Enter your deduced reckoning (DR) position and your actual position and let Nautical Calculator compute the set and drift.
•Course to Steer: Enter your desired course, planned speed, the set and drift and your course to steer (CTS) and speed made good (SMG) will be shown.
•Distance and Speed Calculations: Standard distance and speed calculations.
•ETE/ETA: Knowing the distance to travel and the speed, you can determine the estimated time enroute (ETE) and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). ETE is displayed in days, hours and minutes, and ETA in date/time.
•Distance to Horizon and Feature: During a voyage, it is useful to know how far out you will be able to see landfall. Knowing your elevation above the water and the height of the distant feature, this can easily be determined.
•Lat/Lon Conversions: Convert between a number of coordinate formats (degrees, degrees/minutes, degrees/minutes/seconds).
•Time Calculations and Conversions: Convert between 12 and 24 hour formats. Add/subtract hours and minutes. Result displayed in both local and Greenwich time.
•Distance Units Conversions: Convert between nautical miles, statute miles, meters, yards, feet, fathoms and even leagues.
•Chronometer: Greenwich time is displayed in big numbers. An elapsed time count up function is useful for keeping track of time since the last fix or waypoint, and an alarm count down timer to let you know when your preset time period has expired (i.e. expected arrival time at a waypoint or destination).
•Sun/Moon Rise/Set: Also includes sun transit and twilights for Civil, Nautical and Astronomical.
•Moon Phase: Shows New, Full and even Blue moons.
•Beaufort Scale: Complete descriptions for both at sea and on land.

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