Tech News Anker’s compact USB Type-C charger drops to just $14


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Anker sells some of the best mobile accessories around, including batteries, chargers, power adapters, and much more. The company’s collection of power adapters alone could fill a book, but one of the smallest models is the PowerPort III Nano, which is now on sale for just $13.59 at Amazon. That’s $3.40 below the usual price, and it matches the previous discount from June.

The Anker PowerPort III Nano can supply up to 20W of power to any devices that support USB Power Delivery, or USB-PD for short. That includes most Android devices, recent iPads and iPhones, the Nintendo Switch, and most other Type-C devices. The main selling point here is the size — the brick just over 1 inch wide. Many mobile devices can charge faster than 20W, but the PowerPort’s super-compact design makes it a great backup charger to keep in a bag or carrying case.

  • This super-tiny USB Type-C charger supports up to 20W.

The main downside here is that there’s only a single Type-C port, so you can’t easily charge multiple devices. Plugging in devices with a standard USB Type-A cable (like most smartwatches) will also require a dongle, and there’s no Type-C cable included in the box. If you don’t have enough Type-C cords around, Anker sells those too.

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