Tech News Discord is rolling out native YouTube “Watch Together” integration


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A few weeks ago, YouTube shut down two popular music bots on the Discord platform. Those bots allowed millions of users to listen to music from YouTube on the messaging and social platform. Discord is preparing to introduce a new “Watch Together” feature to help ease the pain of those shutdowns.

As spotted by The Verge, Discord has begun deploying the Watch Together feature to friends and family servers first, with other server types to follow. It gives users the ability to start a watch session similar to how its existing screen sharing function works. YouTube video links can be added to a playlist and media controls can be shared with others in the session.

discord watch together feature
The new “Watch Together” feature in action. Credit: The Verge

Similar features have been in development as far back as 10 months ago. One feature, shared by the company on Reddit, featured shared social games played directly in the Discord app. The new Watch Together feature was apparently moved to high priority as a result of the recent music bot shutdowns to give users a new way to listen to music together. Users are warned, however, that they may see ads in the YouTube videos.

discord ads warning youtube integration
Ads warning for Watch Together. Image Credit: The Verge

Discord plans to launch the feature in smaller servers soon, and all users and servers will see the feature by the end of October.

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