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Multiple leaks told us that the prospects of Samsung launching a new Galaxy Note device this year are dim. Shortly after, we found out that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would ship with an S-Pen slot. It was slated to be, for all intents and purposes, the de-facto Galaxy Note replacement. Now a new leak takes that assumption and cranks it up to a whole new level.

Renowned Twitter leaker @Chunvn8888 tells us that Samsung is switching things up a little this time around. The Galaxy S22 will remain as it is, while the Galaxy S22+ could be renamed the Galaxy S22 Pro. That leaves us with the king of the hill, aka the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which will apparently be sold as, get this, the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

Samsung could finally merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line of smartphones this year​

Now, that is a lot of information to unpack. For starters, if the Galaxy S22 Ultra is indeed going to be launched as the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, why were there no mentions of it anywhere? It could either be a last-minute change that is meant to take everyone by surprise or miscommunication of sorts between the leaker and his source.

Secondly, the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra name implies that a regular Galaxy Note 22 exists. It is unlikely that Samsung will launch four smartphones all at once; even less so when there’s a raging semiconductor crisis. Perhaps ‘Galaxy Note 22 Ultra’ is merely how Samsung employees refer to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

While this argument is strictly semantic, it also puts down the Galaxy S22 series below the Galaxy Note, due to the marginal specifications differences between the Galaxy S22 Pro/+ and the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra.

Nonetheless, the existence of the Galaxy Note 22 Ultra sits in line with earlier reports which speculated that Samsung would merge the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line of smartphones, complete with an embedded S-Pen silo and all that.

Oops, OnLeaks confirmed the S22 Pro name so I guess I will do the rest:
– S22+ = S22 Pro
– S22 Ultra = Note22 Ultra
Yep, you heard it right. S22 Ultra might actually be called as the Note22 Ultra!
(A bit warning below)

— Chun (@chunvn8888) September 25, 2021

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