Static News Jill Biden points out obvious about Government, accidentally owns Democrats


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President Joe Biden’s sidekick, Jill Biden, pointed out one of the most obvious things you could say about the United States government. She said “I think a lot of times people don’t have a really positive image of the government.”

You could say that twice and slap me on the backside with a broom and I’d still ask for more. That might be the most honest thing Jill Biden has ever said she she became a doctor.

But does she realize she just owned the Democrats? The first thing I thought of, after she said this, was how there are so many Democrats who want to raise taxes on things. Or Democrats like that Mayor in Philly who imposed a tax on sugary drinks and, in my humble Philadelphia opinion, squandered the money instead of putting it to some seriously good use. And I’m from Philly and everyone hates me and I don’t care. But I know wasted money when I see it!


Now if you thought she meant the government entirely, then yes, she’s right about that too. Have you ever seen a more extremely right and left government as this? We have the government where people spend more time on Twitter posting “clap backs” then making progress on real world stuff. They spend time on Twitter, which according to Dave Chappelle, isn’t a real place anyway, and they just make statements for “likes” or “retweets” and then don’t act on them.

It’s like the only skill you need to be a politician today is be good at social media, make promises and don’t deliver, and then fail a DNA test once in a while.

Anyone ask Elizabeth Warren how Indigenous People’s Day was for her?

Yeah, me either.

Way to go Liz. Way to go Jill. Y’all really keep us entertained!

Now if the government could get their heads out of their starfish, lower taxes, fix the border, fix healthcare, and actually do something for the middle class one day – that’d be great, mmmmkay.


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