Static News You’re Dangerous! Dem Gov nominee McAuliffe yells at people on way to car


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Democrat Terry McAuliffe got asked a question on his way out of the door, and on the way to a car, and he sorta yelled an answer at people and called someone “dangerous” because they might not have been wearing a mask. Fox News stated: “Democratic Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe declared that he plans to “build education,” just two weeks after he created a firestorm by saying parents should have little say in what public schools teach their children.

In a video taken Tuesday by the conservative Virginia Rising research group, McAuliffe was seen leaving an education roundtable discussion in Alexandria and chastising a maskless tracker who asked about his education stance.”

It was Fox News politics editor, Cameron Cawthorne, posted this: “McAuliffe yelled at a @VARisingAction tracker yesterday and said he is “dangerous” because he wasn’t wearing a mask outside McAuliffe boasted he would “build education” and dodged question about the parents’ role in VA schools.”



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