Static News Guy escapes as two female cops can’t handcuff him


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Women should not be cops. I said it and I mean it. There are two women arresting this guy and they can’t even get him in handcuffs. He uses bare minimal effort to get out of their contact and run away. And to make it worse, this guy isn’t even some big strong manly dude. He’s just a regular guy who looks like he plays Minecraft with 12-year-olds on Tuesdays while living in his mom’s basement. This guy gets away so easily and people are all laughing at the police. Now imagine this was some big scary criminal with a weapon – what do you think could go wrong then? EVERYTHING WOULD GO WRONG!!!! THAT’S THE PROBLEM!

I don’t condone breaking the law, nor disrespecting the police – but if two ladies tried to cuff me and they had no clue who I was, then I’d probably run away too. I don’t want my neighborhood filled with women police. We need strong guys who can handle themselves in any situation to be cops, not women. I know that sounds mean, but I don’t care. I want the biggest and strongest dudes to be the cops so they can take down the bad guys every single time. Female officers are going to put everyone else at risk if they can’t even handcuff a video game nerd.

I don’t want women to be firemen, soldiers, or Santa Claus either. We have societal norms that we should stick to. Guys get all the big and strong jobs, women can keep the lady-like jobs, and society goes on it’s merry way. If you think I’m wrong, then oh well.


The only time I want a cop to be a woman is if she’s a super model and in that case, come arrest me baby!! I’m gonna need you to pat me down a few times. I think there’s something in my pocket you may like!

But other than a little role-play with a costume from Spencers, no – women should not be cops, ever.


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