Static News We Welcome the Competition: Psaki responds to claim of China testing hypersonic nuclear missile (they denied it)


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Speak for yourself, Jen Psaki! I don’t welcome the competition, no thank you!

She was asked about alleged claims that China testing a nuclear hypersonic missle and claims that Sec. Austin was very welcome to the competition, but they do have concerns and are being consistent in the approach to China. She says they don’t want that competition to turn into conflict.

One thing we should point out is that China has DENIED testing this. China said it was a spacecraft. As noted on CNN: “When asked about the report at a regular press briefing Monday, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the August test was “a spacecraft, not a missile. This test was a routine spacecraft experiment to verify the reusable technology of spacecraft, which is of great significance for reducing the cost of spacecraft use. It can provide a convenient and cheap way for humans to use space peacefully. Many companies in the world have carried out similar experiments,” Zhao said.”

So yeah, no thank you. I would like America to be the biggest and best military on the planet, so if they could go ahead and do that, that would be nice. Thanks.



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