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Black Friday is upon us and plenty of retailers are firing off a bunch of deals that you wouldn’t want to miss. If you’re a PlayStation user, then we’ve got a fantastic deal for you. You can get 33% off the price of a 12-month PS Plus subscription right now. The PS Plus membership, which usually goes for $60, is now down to $40. Considering how rarely PS Plus subscription is discounted, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. For reference, the 3-month PS Plus subscription is currently priced at $25 and a single-month subscription will cost you $10.

  • PS Plus subscription gets you a bunch of new free games each month in addition to store discounts and online multiplayer access.

PS Plus, in case you don’t know, is Sony’s online subscription service that gets you free PS4 and PS5 games in addition to the exclusive PlayStation Store discounts and access to online multiplayer games. It’s safe to say that a PS Plus subscription is a must if you have a PS4 or a PS5. Sony adds a couple of free games each month, which you get to keep as long as you’re a member. We think it’s great to try out different games for free. It’s much better than buying new games regularly for the full price.

The free PS Plus games for November 2021 include First Class Trouble (PS4/PS5), Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4), Knockout City (PS4/PS5), The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (PSVR), among others. The month of December is right around the corner which means more free titles are on their way. As a casual gamer, you’ll find a lot of value in a PS Plus subscription.

Notably, Sony is also matching Amazon’s PS Plus subscription price. You can head straight to the PS Store to grab the deal. We also encourage you to check out our collection of the best Black Friday 2021 PC and gaming deals to see all the available options right now.

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