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Prince of Persia is a classic game that was first released in 1989. The game remains loved by many original and new fans, despite it being old. What we didn’t see coming, though, is support for this game on watchOS — without even needing to install any additional apps. Apple Watch users can indeed play the original Prince of Persia game right from their wrists through Safari. Safari isn’t an independent app on watchOS, so you will need to email or iMessage the link of the online game to yourself to launch it.

Incredible! Prince of Persia runs on @Apple Watch including full @phaser_ engine, playable with touch controls. Just send a mail or message with body to yourself, open link on Apple Watch and play in near original resolution. #PrinceOfPersia #AppleWatch

— Oliver Klemenz (@oklemenz) January 11, 2022

As Oliver Klemenz has tweeted (via IGN), the original Prince of Persia game runs just fine on Apple Watch and supports touch controls. To play the game, all you have to do is email or text yourself Open the Mail or Messages app on your Apple Watch, depending on which method you’ve gone for, and click on the link. Safari on watchOS will load the game and then you can play it from your wrist, as the video in the tweet above displays.

Works on Galaxy Watch 3 as well!

— J.D. (@mattafaak) January 13, 2022

This isn’t surprising at all, considering the game goes back to 1989 and runs in JavaScript. This makes the game accessible through any web browser, so you can also play it on your phone. Additionally, some users have shared that it works on other wearables — such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Will you be playing the original Prince of Persia game from your wrist? If so, through which wearable? Let us know in the comments section below.

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