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Soti Pocket Controller Pro V6


**Compatible with all devices running Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Pocket PC or Smartphone Operating Systems
**Desktop Computer running Windows XP, Vista, 2000 desktop or server Operating Systems
**ActiveSync 4.1 or later


**Connectivity - Connect via ActiveSync or Wired/Wireless TCP/IP. Configure multiple connection
**Device Skin - View your mobile device in a device skin, skins for most Windows Mobile (Pocket PC and Smartphone) devices are available
**Full Screen Background Mode - View the remote control session against a solid color or HTML background, ideal for presentations
**Portrait or Landscape Display Modes - View your mobile device screen in portrait or landscape modes
**DOS Box - Use the DOS Box Tool to remotely execute DOS commands
**Clipboard Synchronization - Transfer data between Mobile Device and Desktop computer clipboards. This facility allows data to be easily exchanged between desktop and device applications
**Macro Recording/Playback - Record keystrokes and mouse events to a macro file that can be played back. Macro files are text files that can be edited and customized
**Automatic Startup - Can be configured to automatically start/stop when you dock/un-dock your mobile device profiles, multiple TCP/IP addresses, control multiple devices simultaneously by running multiple instances of Pocket Controller
**Support for all international keyboards
**10 months of free upgrades and technical support



i only ask cuz the program keeps on telling me that the serial is out of date