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Socket Wi-Fi Companion v2.10.13.0


Socket Wi-Fi Companion v2.10.13.0
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0 - Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003/2003SE
Overview: Socket Wi-Fi Companion is an intuitive and graphical utility that displays your connection properties at a glance. There’s even a Power Save utility, so you can adjust the power settings when using battery power.


Find - WLANs in range and view their properties in detail, including the level and type of security in use
Connect - whenever your favorite networks are available
Manage - power settings automatically to maximize battery life

Advanced Diagnostic Tools
Socket Wi-Fi Companion includes advanced diagnostic tools for the power user. Use Ping to verify network connectivity or as a site survey tool to find dead spots or the edge of WLAN range. The Trace Route tool traces a packet from the Pocket PC to an Internet host, showing each hop and how long it takes to reach the destination. This helps you locate delays if performance seems slow.

Made for Pocket PCs with built-in WLAN from Dell, HP, and ASUS running Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE or Windows Mobile 5.0. Includes support for square screens and landscape mode

Friendly, easy-to-use interface
- Graphics shows important connection properties at a glance
- Tap on icons to quickly perform related functions — view IP addresses,
install security certificates, browse the Web, find WLANs in range, and more
- Advanced statistics displayed in handy graphs and tables

Wi-Fi Finder gives detailed data about networks in range: WLAN name (SSID), signal strength, encryption, profile saved, MAC address, and more
- Filter and sort through WLANs to quickly find the one you want
- The Pocket PC’s built-in WLAN editor only reports the WLAN name (SSID)
providing no other network details.

Power Save utility includes automatic power managment option
Keeps you connected —prevents connecting to unwanted networks

Works well with all WLAN security protocols supported by Windows Mobile (WPA,WPA-PSK, 802.1x, 40/128-bit WEP, Open)
Ping and Trace Route utiities are useful troubleshooting tools to verify network connectivity, survey network range, and find Internet route delays
Socket Cert Enroll utility makes it easy to install a personal certificate for networks using EAP-TLS

Status icon at the top of every screen indicates radio status, signal strength, and connection status

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