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Finger Flick Contact Manager


Finger Flick Contact Manager
Contact manager is a finger friendly contact application for PDA phone, it will allow you to scroll to you list of contacts, call them and edit them.

* It can be used with fingers, no need to get your stylus. Finding contact with your finger is really easy, it's different than other software: if you press you finger on the left or right border of the screen it will allow you to select the letter you're searching for, release the finger, it will show you the contact starting with this letter. Why does it work? Human being cannot point directly to the right letter on a small screen, however human are very precise while moving their finger. So you press the screen, see the feedback, adjust the position to the right letter... and you're done!
* It's animated: the list scroll with your finger in a natural movement, the transition between contact detail and contact list are animated.
* You can set contact as favorites, they will appear in the favorite list, perfect to get a quicklist of contacts under the finger.
* You can edit your contact picture from the software, simply tap on the contact picture.
* You can customize about everything by changing the setting.ini: color, font, background image, etc...

What's new? (0.10)
- Gesture: you can slide you finger from right to left or right to left, it will go act like the lower left softkey.
- Bug fixes: app crashing while deleting contact
- New virtual contact: at the end of the list you have a new contact, tap on it to create a new
- New default theme inspired from the Touch
- New settings to adjust contact detail information

What it does:
- "classic" finger scrolling
- tapping the contact make appear a screen with contact info (photo, name, phone, sms and mail). Selecting one option launch the default compose dialog or make the call. You can also change the contact picture from the detail directly.
- display contact photo if present (in the list and the contact detail).

What's different:
- if you press you finger on the left or right border of the screen it will allow you to select the letter you're searching for, release the finger, it will show you the contact starting with this letter. For me that's the way to go in touch interface: release should trigger the event, push should only provide visual feedback, I'd like a visual kb like this.
- the contact detail is not the standard one, you can show only the information you want (and it's animated .
- the list is animated (scrolling) and the transition between list and detail also.

Settings file:
There is an .ini file that you can create in the directory where the program reside. It contains color, font and image settings. See the setting.ini provided in the zip file.

To install, copy the unzipped file to your ppc and run it. Should be enough. Tested on WM6 only, apparently it also run on WM5. Sorry for 2003 owner, as I don't have such device, I'm unable to test.



he renamed his program to pocketcm contacts and there is version 0.19 currently released so i wouldgo to that if i were you this is a really old thread and an outdated proggy.