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Official Windows Mobile 6 HTC Artemis WWE


Official Windows Mobile 6 HTC Artemis WWE
Requirements: HTC Artemis

P800w WM6 Upgrade code (2007/07/13)
ROM version: 3.7.707.1
WWE ROM date: 06/21/07
Radio version: 02.69.90
Protocol version:
ExtROM version: 3.6.707.101

Update Radio to V1.47:

File content:
1.P800w Windows Mobile 6 ROM code upgrade
2.Windows Mobile 6 New Features Guide
3.CE Star (For People who want Chinese Input)

More Info:


Download Instructions:
IMPORTANT! - please read these instructions carefully before updating your device
1. Download the .zip file and extract the .exe file within.
2. Ensure Activesync v4.5 (or higher) is installed on PC/laptop for OS WinXP and below. For Windows Vista and above there is no need to install ActiveSync.
3. Connect P800w to PC/laptop.
4. VERY IMPORTANT! - Ensure your device is connected properly to the PC/laptop.
5. Make sure the battery is charged to at least 50%.
6. Double-click on the .exe file to run the update utility.
7. VERY IMPORTANT! - All files and software on the device will be lost after the update. Please ensure a copy of your important files is backed-up somewhere else.
8. Please close all programs on your PC/laptop when running the update utility.
9. VERY IMPORTANT! - Do not unplug the device when the update process is running, doing so may damage the device.
10. After updating, the device will reboot, this is normal.

Note: HTC just releases a new WM6 Rom upgrade version program. Please note that there is a need to reinstall new MapKing software once you have finished the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. The MKID of your MapKing map will be changed. Therefore to continue to use the MapKing map, you need to follow the steps below in order to apply a new registration code:

1.Please access, http://www2.mapking.com/UpgradeScheme_Dopod.htm 2.Input your original MapKing product authorization code. After the verification, you can proceed to the next step: Input your new MKID and press the “Submit” button. Then you will get a new registration code.

Rapidshare.com Download:
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