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PDAMill Rats v1.2.1


PDAMill Rats v1.2.1
Requirements: ARM/xScale WM2003-WM5, 5.7mb
# Incredible Graphics and animation that your eyes will thank you for
# Superb playability, with intuitive controls and menus, No Directional Pad required!
# Over 35 Beautiful Levels to explore, from the Sewers, across the Beach, and even into a Volcano!
# Fantastic Music, Sound Effects, and Voices rendered in ultra-high quality to make our best sounding title yet
# Tons of different enemy types, including swimming, crawling, shooting and of course, Big Boss Battles
# Wacky Cutscenes advance the story with great Art and entertaining Audio including hilarious Voice-overs
# Handy Stats Screen displays just how much of each level you've really mastered
# Auto-save keeps track of your progress whenever you really need to put Rats!! down

More Info:
Cracked version with modified executable.

Download Instructions:
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