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teksoft Blue Music v2


teksoft Blue Music v2


Requirements: WM2005
Overview: Using Bluemusic, you can connect your Bluetooth headset and enjoy listening to your favourite MP3's, Podcasts or Audio Books directly from your Pocket PC without using any cables! Or you can use Skype for Pocket PC with your phone Bluetooth headset. Bluemusic makes everything so convenient for you

Bluemusic is the only software available that offers Voice-over-Bluetooth combined with 100% phone support. People all over the world are now familiar with the expression "Music is wireless!". Starting with version 2.0, not only music, but anything related to AUDIO playback goes WIRELESS with Bluemusic! Make sure you get your own copy today!

*Audio books and Podcasts support! Use Bluemusic to listen to any output comming from your speaker in your Bluetooth headset!
*GPS software support!
*VoIP software compatible: use Bluemusic with Skype or other telephony-over-internet software to gain full advantage of 0-cost phone calls 100% phone support integrated! As promissed, Bluemusic becomes your number one solution for having the audio in your bluetooth headset - now it comes with a powerful phone device integration!
*Disable ringtones while Bluemusic is on: forget about the annoying ringtones being played loud in your ears!
*Resume your Bluetooth Audio Playback immediatelly after any phone call. Bluemusic is the only software for PocketPC/Smartphone that can do this!
*Assign the right softkey to Bluemusic, so you can have access to the application from anywhere, easier!
*On-call triggers for Speakerphone, Answer Call and Reject call. Use Bluemusic for more then voice routing!
*Improved internal functionality, Bluemusic contains several modules that are working together to ensure flawless functionality

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New member
Thanks for posting but this link is dead can anyone please update or post another A2DP bluetooth software please


New member
Can you rapidshare...

i wonder if that will work with my Moto S9 and the SRS WOW HD app? That SRS for some reason will not work with the S9 only with wired head phones. Do you have any Idea?


New member
the wow doesn't seem to work with A2DP because it never worked for me and others on another board but the Bluemusic is suppose to be great and I want that bad


can u please re up the link... and is this better then bt audio or the same? thanks in advace!!