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Pocket PC Photoshop


Pocket PC Photoshop
Pocket Artist delivers the powerful features you'd expect from desktop image editing software in an easy-to-use artistic solution for Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and other Windows CE devices.

With Pocket Artist, you can edit and retouch photos and images, add text and special effects, create web graphics, and much more!

Create, open, edit, and save your PSD, JPG, GIF, or BMP images on-the-go!

Key Features:

24-bit color editing
Painting tools
Photo tools
Layer support
Color adjustment
Level adjustment
Quick shapes
Floating selections
23 Blending modes
Image clipboard
Pluggable brush packs and gradient packs
Transparency support
Robust painting engine
Photo tools: levels, grain reduction, color retouching
New for version 3.2:
Windows Mobile 5 support
TGA Image format support

Download link :
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I tried it and got a message about some slots not being available for me to d/l, recommends to intall some toolbar to avoid this... I can just wait right I'm hesitant to install that thing...


ok at first i couldnt get it to work but than i figured out how to get the full version lol. but anyways does this have a history brush for it? because i cant find it i notice it is like photoshop but in away its missing somethings that photoshop has that it doesnt for example the history brush. so im wondering can you download brushes and other things like you can for photoshop or no you stuck with what you get. also anyone know where i can find tutorials for this program? I did a google search and all the search results came up as just the product and where to buy the full version and download the trial and reviews on it also wat its about.

i apologize once again if this is not the correct place to post this because im not really sure when i can or cannot post something. i know some forums owners prefer if you can to keep what you need to the same thread they dont want a whole bunch of junk threads on there board when they have one thread about the topic and you can ask there. so basically what im saying is i dont want to make a junk thread asking a question and it going 2 waste if i can ask here. not sure if you guys prefer that stuff or not!? sorry still trying to get use to the rules of posting of your guys site.


well this file could be if i knew how to or you can prolly search google and than install the can file than the necessary crack and serial from the folder. i dont use this program so i couldnt tell you about the brush questions that you have. and you are straight to ask in the threads as long as the question is on topic with the title of the thread, hope this clears it up a lil and there isnt a tutorial on how to use this either that i know of but i will keep an eye out for one.