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i930 noob guide


i930 noob guide............Thanks to bigmattfromjersey for this tutorial


i930 tutorial for all noobs.

things you will need to add ringtones/themes/apps and other things.
1.activesync which can be downloaded here http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobi...ivesync38.mspx
2. cradle and mini usb that comes with i930 or usb or serial cable.

Q; how do i load ringtones?
A: connect phone to cable or cradle and run activesync. wait until it syncs then hit explore double click on the pic of phone. then double click on the folder that says storage then click on applaction data then drag and drop the ringtone file into the folder that says sounds.

how to change ringtones-go to start menu/settings/notifications then you can change the rngtones.

Q: How do i load themes?
A: open activesync and put the theme file in storage/applaction data/home. then go to file exploer in the phone and go to storage/applaction data/home and highlight the theme file and hit ok and it will download into your phone.

How to change themes- go to start menu/settings/display properties. then you can change the layout of homescreen the color scheme and the wallpaper.

Q: How do i get external wallpapers?
A: take a pic and resize it to 96x66. then take the pic and put in storage/my documents. then go to star menu/media theater/then find the pic/scroll so pic is highlighted/hit menu/set wallpaper/then pick external display.

Q:how to install a app?
A: depending on the app there is two ways to install it.
some apps when you unzip the file if they have a box that is white like when you install a app on a computer then you double click the white box and it will install on your phone. once it starts to install it will ask you to look at your phone and you have to deside if you want to save on your phone or storage card.
other apps if they dont have a white box when you unzip just take the zip file and put it in your phone. either on storage card or in a folder on the phone. then go into file exploer(which is on phone) and go to where you put it and download it.

Q: how to get your contacts off of your sim and into the contacts of the phone.
A: go to start menu/then go to simmanager. wait until it is done reading sim data. then select copy to contacts/and hit menu/select/all/then hit copy. and they will be in your contacts on phone.
if you save a contact to your i930 it will not be saved to the sim you must go to simmanger and move contacts saved to phone to the sim.

Q: i cant send a sms message?
A: if you go to messaging and go to sms it will tell you only for gsm. this can be unlocked by a admin. i have to tell you mine is unlcked but it never works. od said that it will send to certin phones.

If you installed a program that you no longer what go to start menu/settings then hit 9 until you get to remove programs and remove anything you dont want.

if your activesync doesnt not sync with phone go to start menu/and hit 9 until you get to a folder that says accessories and go to accessory support and make sure it is inactive.

How you know your phone is not decerted. if you try to install a app and it say not signed that means you need your phone decerted.

The i930 is the only phone that nextel has that can be used on a gsm service. Examples are cingular and tmobile. phone must be unlocked to be able to use a gsm sim. to use with other service besides nextel the services must use a sim card. so verizon and sprint you are unable to use phone with.

the i930 is the only nextel phone that can have animated homescreens.

the i930 does not come with photo contacts but there is a app to have photo contacts. the app only desplays the picture on the internal screen not external. (to get app contact me)

the i930 does not have bluetooth. i know there is stuff in phone in registry that says bluetooth but it wont work. (the phone has been out for a while someone would have figured out if it could have bluetooth.)
if you want bluetooth you will have to get a adaptor.

to put music/images/videos on sd card. drag and drop the file into the right folder. all videos must be in windows media video file.

i930 vocab
1. Decert- you have to decert your phone to install apps and media player skins on you phone. The phone is made so that you cant install a app unless it is signed by nextel.
2. WIDEN - (Wide Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) it is for high speed. it is 4 times faster to send/recive data then the current iden network.

to decert your phone look under my posts and you'll find what you need there
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