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F.R.: Rogues & Nobles


F.R.: Rogues & Nobles - Cook, Milan, etc. (.PRC)
Requirements: RAR/ .PRC reader
Overview:I know someone has already posted a link to Forgotten Realms ebooks but I thought some might prefer an alternative link done by series and author, with descriptions of each book. Also this is in an alternative format for those who don't want to have to through converting their files to Mobipocket.

Contents of the RAR file:

The Nobles 01 - King Pinch.prc
First Book in the Nobles of the Forgotten Realm.

The Nobles 02 - War In Tethyr v1.prc
The second installment in the Nobles series introduces the adventures of many striking new characters, who do battle to the death--and beyond--in the Forgotten Realms setting.

The Nobles 03 - Escape from Undermountain v1.prc
To rescue a missing noble, Artek the Knife must venture deep into the Undermountain, a vast and lethal labyrinth created by a crazed wizard, a place that is not only difficult and dangerous to access but nearly impossible to escape

The Nobles 04 - The Mage in the Iron Mask v1.prc
Mulmaster, nicknamed the "City of Danger", is the next stop on Volothamp Geddarm's research trip for his upcoming Guide to the Monsoon, and maybe his final resting place when the bailing out of a friend from the Mulmaster prison embroils Volo in a sinister plot that threatens the tenuous political stability of all Faerun.

The Nobles 05 - The Council of Blades v1.prc
War cares little for the troubles of the aristocracy. As a terrible new weapon obliterates the age of courtly battle, an intelligent but plain princess and her companions--an addled young inventor and a kleptomaniac firebird--find themselves forced into a battle for survival in a suddenly very deadly world.

The Nobles 06 - The Simbul's Gift v1.prc
The legendary storm queen of Aglarrond, in an effort to gain further favour with Elminster, has a special horse raised for him as a gift.

The Rogues 01 - The Alabaster Staff v2.prc
The Alabaster Staff is the first title in a new Forgotten Realms series focusing specifically on the iconic character class of the rogue. Each novel in the series will be a stand-alone adventure, but the overall setting for all of the titles will be the Old Empires, an area of the Forgotten Realms world never before explored in the novels.

The Rogues 02 - The Black Bouquet v1.prc
The Black Bouquet is the second title in this ongoing Forgotten Realms series focusing specifically on the iconic character class of the rogue. Each novel in the series is a stand-alone adventure, allowing new readers an easy entry point into the Forgotten Realms world.

Download Instructions:
http://www.eggdisk.com/files/283315_ssaim/FS - Forgotten Realms.RoguesandNobles.rar