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ClearTemp v0.9.2.3 (Updated)


I930 User
ClearTemp is an application for you to clear temporary/unused files and unused registry keys/values on your system easily.

It also allows you to clear your Recent Program List, Internet Address History and boot count.

You can even change the location of the temporary folders (Cache, History & Cookies) or e-mail attachment folder to the Storage Card. If you have custom folders which you wish to clear, you can also add them in.

Usage Notes:
- You can tick/untick certain items to scan/clean.
- Use "Clean" from the tools menu to start clearing selected item(s).
- You can go to the options dialog from the tools menu.
- In the Options dialog, you can change location of temp files or e-mail attachments by making the change in the dropdown list(s).
- You can also specify the location of Custom Folder 1 and 2 in the Options dialog.
- You can also enable auto cleaning of temp files and custom folders on system start up by ticking the start up option in the Options dialog.
- Tap on "Apply" button to confirm the new settings in the Options dialog.
- After changing the location of the temp files, please exit the program, save your work and perform a soft reset to complete the process.

Other Notes:
- The startup option only clears the temp files in selected folders.
- Clearing of Recent Program List and dead shortcuts, and creating of shortcut for "Express Mode" may not work well on non-English ROMs. Please contact me if you wish to get it supported in your language.

Update Description:
- Fixed bug with Startup option checkbox.

- Fixed bug with clearing Recent Program List.

- Fixed bug with detection of dead shortcuts.

- Added support for NetFront 3.4.
- Fixed compatibility issues with non-English ROMs.
- Ensure last used settings are saved before soft reset.

- Fixed context menu bug.

- Fixed duplicate Storage Card folder detected in Options screen.

- Fixed bug with clearing Recent Program List.
- Recovered missing message box for clearing Recent Program List.
- Modified action button behaviour (for toggling checkboxes).
- Correct detection for Storage Card folder for all devices.

- Improved method for clearing Recent Program List without soft reset.
- Startup option no longer relies on QuickClearLite.
- Startup option is able to clear temp files in all selected folders.
- Removed buttons and added menus in Options dialog.
- Added "Express Mode" for quick cleaning of temp files in selected folders.
- Added support for "SDMMC" folder (used by E-TEN M600) in Options dialog.
- Skip "wince.nls" file in "\Temp\" folder.
- Added checking of Opera settings for correct cache location.
- Added cache folder for Minimo with checking of settings.
- Display "Not Found" for items which are unused.

- Added second menu (right soft key in WM5).
- Modified UI.

- Minor changes in user interface.
- Added context menus.
- Added menu bar (soft key menu for WM5).

- Added unused registry associated with WM5 Themes.
- Added unused registry associated with uninstalled programs.
- Added dead shortcuts.
- Auto scan selected item on ticking checkbox.

- Fixed bugs with startup option (QuickClearLite).
- Improvement in speed and performance.

- User Interface changed.
- Added cache folder for NetFront v3.2 and v3.3.
- Added default cache folder for Opera.
- Added Large Mail folder.
- Added Mail Attachments folder.
- Added Boot Count.
- Able to change mail attachment folder.
- Slight improvement in scanning and cleaning speed.
- Minor change in method for clearing recent program list.
- Included filesize of "index.dat" in scanning.
- Corrected file count reporting bug in cleaning.
- Corrected filesize reporting bug in cleaning.

- Added soft reset button.
- Custom Folder 1 default to temp folder for Opera.
- Minor Fix for folder selection dialog.

- Added "Browse for folder" dialog for choosing cutom folders.
- Added "Scan" button to scan selected folder sizes.

- Include QuickClearLite to installation package.
- Added option to perform cleaning on start up.

- Reduced Filesize.

- Added Checking to reject "\" and "\Windows\" as custom/temp folders.

- Changes in UI.
- Changed Program Icon to differentiate from QuickClear.
- Moved some controls over to Options Dialog.
- Added Custom folder 2.
- Added Clearing of Internet Explorer Address Bar History.
- Added Clearing of Recent Programs List from Start Menu.
- Remember last used settings before program exit.
- Load last used settings on startup.

- Changes in UI.
- Added Custom folder.
- Added Built In Storage to detection list.
- Reduction of file size.

- Minor Program & UI fixes
- Added more Storage folders to detection list.

- First Release.