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Upgrading From Win2003 to Win2003SE


I930 User
Himalaya Upgrade From Win2003 to Win2003SE

We currently only have 3 versions of WM2003SE, each with it's shortcomings:

Version 2.20.xxCHS is in Chinese and although it's currently being translated into English, there's still a way to go!

So let's focus on the two remaining versions, both in English:

Version 2.02.t1WWE

Pro's: Stable with no hangs/delays on reboot, utilizes HandsFree Profile
Con's: Lacks ClearType implementation and Media Player 10

Version 2.06.00WWE

Pro's: ClearType implemented and Utilizes Headset Profile
Con's: Hangs/delays on reboot and no Media Player 10

The good news is that it's possible to obtain the "best of both worlds" by merging the two operating systems. By first flashing your ROM with 2.02.t1WWE and creating an ActiveSync backup, it's possible to then flash with 2.06.00WWE and restore from the backup.

The end result is surprising - ActiveSync merges the two operating systems! There are no delays/hangs on reboot and ClearType looks great. It's also possible to re-enable Handsfree Profile through a simple registry patch.

What do we Need?

2.Windows Mobile 2003 Rom-Editor
3.WM2003SE OS (Version 2.06.00WWE)
6.Backup (No need to flash with 2.02.t1WWE, this backup is ready to restore over 2.06.00WWE!)

NOTE: It is supplied as is. Use it at your own risk!!!

TIP: First backup your data and settings using either ActiveSync, SDBackup or XBackup - then download the attached ROM_Backup.zip - extract and follow the instructions in the ROM backup folder.

To install the merged WM2003SE:

1. Download the attached Setup.exe

2. Insert your O2 XDA II into it's USB cradle and confirm that a successful USB connection has been made with your PC

3. Run Setup.exe and follow the onscreen prompts.


The ROM image is version: 2.06.00WWE (ver 4.21.1088 build 14132)
The Radio image is version: 1.18.00
The Extended ROM image is a variance of version 2.06.100a (Sin.Merged.v2.0)

4. Extract the contents of "WM2003SE_20600WWE.zip" into the same folder on your PC, Insert your XDA II into it's USB cradle (confirm that a successful USB connection has been made) and run HimaUpgradeUt.exe to start the installation.

5.And follow the steps on the screen.

6.Now after the upgrade is done, here's a file i've found on the internet that is very useful b'coz you don't need to flash with 2.02.t1WWE, this backup is ready to restore over 2.06.00WWE!

Few tweaks were made to it prior to backup:

Created "Start Menu" folders: Business, Communications, Games, Graphics, MultiMedia & System
Turned Off incoming IR Beam for GPS compatibility
Mapped Camera Button
Set Word Completion to 4 words after 1 letter (no caps or spaces)
Set Voice Recording to 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo
Changed Phone Ring to Vibrate & Ring, set to Terrestrial & Keypad Tones
Turned on Screen Taps
Enabled Today "New Menu"
Turned on Microphone AGC
Set Screen & Power Off to 2mins
Removed merged BT Registry to allow choices later via patch.

7. To restore this backup,

Flash your XDA II with 2.06.00WWE.

After installation, don't change any of the following default settings: time zone (GMT-8 Pacific US), device name (Pocket_PC) or regional settings (United States), instead setup an ActiveSync partnership (not Guest) and untick all items such as Calendar, Contacts etc... so no items will by Synced.

Restore by opening ActiveSync, then clicking "Tools=>Backup/Restore" - browse to the downloaded "Backup.zip" and extract the file "Backup.stg", select it with ActiveSync and then switch to the restore tab, finally clicking "Restore Now".

***Provided that the device name & regional settings match the above, ActiveSync restore will merge the 2 versions and prompt you to restart your O2 XDA II.***

8.You now have a merged operating system but still need to add at least the basic functionality of MMS, Camera etc...

Each cab file below can be copied to your XDA II's memory/SD card and executed individually, however it would be far easier to bundle everything into the one installation routine.

As most of you know, your XDA II has a hidden partition called the Extended ROM, which (without tweaking) is limited to a capacity of 16MB.

Using an Extended Rom unlocking tool, it's possible to manually copy each cab file and associated system file into the Extended ROM using "File Explorer".

Start by downloading the attached "ExtRom_tools.cab" and copy to your XDA II's memory (Either via ActiveSync or SD Card if you have a Reader). Then execute it by browsing to it with "File Explorer", your Extended ROM will be revealed once you reboot after installation is complete.

You'll notice 4 new icons in your "System" folder. Run "ExtROM Unlock" to allow files to be written and removed.

NOTE: If all are downloaded and placed into Extended ROM, the total Memory will be 16MB. Each will place their shortcuts in the approprite category and where possible, settings are pre-configured.

9.Now that you've copied your selection of "cab files". "exe files" & "txt files" to your "Extended ROM" and also configured your "Config.txt" to reflect any file name changes, plus edited your "AutoConfig.txt" to suit your Carrier's files - it's time to install it all!

a. Some Cab files are notorious for self-deleting once run, for that reason I suggest that you lock your Extended ROM by clicking on "Start Menu->System->ExtROM Lock".

b. Using "File Explorer", execute "AutoRun.exe" in your Extended ROM, then sit back & watch it all come alive!

c. Your XDA II will reboot automatically once installation is complete.

Your Carrier Settings won't be installed until much later, Don't Panic!

10.The following process is quite straight forward. It involves installing Sprite Backup, copying 2 links to startup and 1 batch file to windows. Then running Sprite Backup to create a Self-Restoring backup file.

Here's How:

1. Download the attached "Sprite_Backup.cab" and install on your XDA II, then reboot.

2. Download and extract Windows_Batch.zip and copy it's contents:

cleanup.bat" to your XDA II's "Windows" folder
"z_ac" to your XDA II's "Windows/Startup" folder
"z_cu" to your XDA II's "Windows/Startup" folder

NOTE: Don't Reboot!

3. Run Sprite Backup and under "Options->Backup Options->General Backup Options", ensure that everything but "Encrypt Backup" is ticked, then press "OK"

4. Browse to the location the backup will be stored to (SD or Main memory) by selecting ... and name the file: ExtROM, then press "OK" (bottom right of screen) - Now press "Backup", then sit back & wait!

11. Congratulations, you should now have a backup of a merged OS that will easily fit into the Extended ROM (compression).

Here's how to Automate it:

1. Run "Start Menu->System->ExtROM Unlock"

2. Use Explorer to browse and delete the contents of the Extended ROM except for the following file: "AutoRun.exe"

3. Copy the ExtROM.exe file that Sprite Backup created to your Extended ROM.

4. Copy each of the attached files to your extended ROM:


If your using your own Carrier files (the ones that match up with AutoConfig.txt), be sure to include those instead.

5. Lock your Extended ROM using "Start menu->System->ExtROM Lock"

12. And the Last step is to Hard Reset your Himalaya(Device) Follow the Procudure on the Picture.