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Pocket Mini Golf 2 for Smartphone 2003 / 2003SE / WM5.0 With Expansion Sets


Pocket Mini Golf 2 for Smartphone 2003 / 2003SE / WM5.0
Requirements: You need to install Pocket Mini Golf 2 to play with expansion packs

Your favourite characters are back, with a couple of new friends, for more extreme mini golf fun. Masses of new features (including multiplayer) and superb new graphics make this the most enjoyable and addictive golf game available.
Pocket Mini Golf 2 is the follow up to the hugely popular multi award winning miniature golf game Pocket Mini Golf.
Pocket Mini Golf 2 features a massive variety of holes, including fairways, rough, sand pits, beaches, loads of interesting objects to negotiate and much much more...

This release includes following expansion packs:

- Fire Island
- Lost World
- Winter Wonderland
- Spooky Hollow

*Multiplayer (Up to 6 players)
*High Quality VGA Graphics
*Multi-Language Support (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
*New Graphics Engine
*Improved Physics
*Amazing Environments (including castles, deserts, jungles, mountains, beaches)
*2 New Characters. 6 Golfers in total each with different skills/abilities
*New Character Animations
*Portrait and Landscape View supported on All devices
*4 Game Types (Standard/Arcade-Time Carryover/Arcade-Time Attack/Practice). Play standard golf rules or against the clock.
*3 Difficulty Settings (Amateur/Semi-Professional/Pro)
*3 Brand New Courses of Increasing Difficulty (54 holes)
*Win Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. There are 9 awards to win per course
*Textured Landscapes
*Hazards (including water, sand traps, rough grass)
*Huge Variety of Objects to Use or Avoid (including trees, lampposts, bushes, rocks, cactus, traffic cones, bollards, postbox)
*Special Objects (including springs, timed barriers, secret stars, conveyors)
*Secret Holes
*Weather Effects
*Instant Replays
*Zoom In/Out
*New Particle Effects
*Many New Sound FX (adds to the unique feel of each hole)
*Runs Full Screen on large screen Smartphones (QVGA)
*Works on All Square Screen devices
*Compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and All previous Operating Systems
*In Game Leaderboards
*Online Leaderboards

Download Instructions: