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SafeMode 2 for Smartphone


Requirements: wm05 for smartphone

Overview: SafeMode 2 for Smartphone was developed using the experience gained with SafeMode 2 for Pocket PC, and features an advanced Smartphone crash protection system:

- SafeDirect, an absolutely new feature, exclusive for the Smartphone version. This allows direct boot in and out of SafeMode, without additional soft resets. This is really important on Smartphones, where each soft reset takes a lot longer than on Pocket PCs.

- it's started very early (4th application - the first 3 are required Window Mobile applications) in the startup process, allowing a better control over what and when it's allowed to run.
- while entering SafeMode, it stops all known 3rd party application types, such as:

* Services - these are system applications; they are not visible with the task manager, and generally run in the background
Startup applications - startup links, placed in "Windows\Startup"
Home plugins - SafeMode 2 disables all Home plugins, replacing it with it's own interface, as a reminder you're running in SafeMode
* Pocket Internet Explorer plugins (such as MultiIE)
Other extensions, found in system registry

More Info: http://www.monocube.com/content/view/37/43/

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