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BlenderPocket 2.42


BlenderPocket 2.42
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003/ 2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.
Overview: Freeware. Blender is a fantastic open source package providing everything you need in Computer Graphics. There are no real limit in Blender capabilities. Imagine now that you can have your best software following you everywhere, in your Pocket! BlenderPocket is a project making this dream become true. Today, it supports PocketPC with Windows Mobile but the door is now open to make Blender run on all other embedded platforms.

BlenderPocket is a project making Blender run on PocketPC and all embedded devices. It is now completely synchronized with the current Blender 2.42 source code. Today, BlenderPocket only supports the Rasteroid OpenGL ES implementation. But I hope that in the future, it will also be able to run with the open source Vincent library.

BlenderPocket is provided for free, this is an open source project and the sources are available on my Website. You should respect the OpenGL ES Rasteroid license (http://www.hybrid.fi/main/products/devtools.php). I am using this library for non commercial purpose.

I will not be responsible of any use made with BlenderPocket. At this stage of the project so please take care to save your critical data.

Known Problem:
- PNG output is not working. But you can use other image format.
- Fluid simulation gives some difficulties to run.

- Rendered images are limited to 1024*1024.
- No ESC during rendering.
- PocketPC only support absolute path. Take care on activating that for file loading.
- "Set clipping border" is not working.
- All feature requiring a window creation are not supported. It is not possible to play an animation with play. You have to use the sequencer for that.
- No sound, no game engine and no fluid simulation.

Usage of Hotkeys:
BlenderPocket uses the hardware keys of your device. They are ever released after a Stylus click to have a better control. I choose the following key:
* Esc ever useful to break critical situations.
* Tab for edit Mode,
* Space for the toobox and to minimize/minimize view (with control),
* E for extrusion,
* HOME to quickly adapt the view to the screen.
* Alt, shift, control and a "mouse emulation key".

The mouse emulation has three states:
1) By default, a click on the screen will be treated as a "Left" mouse click.
2) If the "mouse emulation key" is pressed once, each click will be treated as a Right mouse click.
3) If the "mouse emulation key" is pressed twice, the stylus movement will be treated as a mouse movement without click (some tools use it, like face and vertex loop selection, to sphere or to show tip boxes )

Given that all devices don't have the same buttons code, you can specify the right code of your device in the "hardware_button" file.

Download Instructions:
Two versions :
1. Without Python (This version doesn't support Python scripting) :

2. With Python (This version support Python scripting) :

Installation Instruction:
1. For version without python just extract files from .zip archive into desired folder on your PPC.
2. For version with python extract files to desired folder and also make a new dir and extract scripts from python24.zip archive.