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Ps2 AIO all u need!!


New member

Included -
--Alcohol 120
--DVD Decrypter + Guide
--WinDip + Guide (play games online)

-Memory Card Exploit Guide + Files (play games without modchip)
-Make your own slide tool Guide + Picture + Video(to swap discs)
-DNAS ID NUMBERS (needed to play games online)





thank me 4 dis


Just PM the guy and tell him to get his facts straight and edit what he said or its leeching. Theres no need to go way off topic.


this softmod kit works u just gotta do everything that the guide tells u to do and if u do it right and make sure u have time on your hands then your ps2 will be softmodded without the cost of a modchip im going to show everyone what the mod looks like if u did it right

first things first u need 2 turn on your ps2 and put in the disk that u picked as a trigger disk for my softmod trigger disk i picked final doom but u could use another one if u dont have final doom in your house once u put in the trigger disk its gonna change 2 a white screen then its gonna show this

then its gonna come up with a screen that is the softmod ps2 menu

here goes a more closer look at the menu
now what your looking at in these 2 pics are all the save files that are on your ps2 mem card now to work the softmod u need 2 go into the folder that says BADATA-SYSTEM (dir) now once ur there it shows all the files that u put together with the ps2 save file maker here goes a pic of what it would look like more or less matters on what u put in the save file
make sure when ur puttin the files together to make sure u put the cogswap game loader because if the backed up game is pal and your console is ntsc most not all most of the pal game will work but with the cogswap it changes the settings for u if not then at the start of a pal game it will ask u if u want it on 50 or 60 something u have to pick 60 or u will end up playing a black and white game


to play a backup game u need to go down to where it says CSL.ELF and this is the cogswap loader u need 2 put in a original game and let it load once it loads it schould look like this

then push X on ur ps2 controller and its gonna show u this screen

then u take your home made swap card this is a pic of mine

put it in and move it untill the lil hook on the front of the swap card goes on the lil tab that under the ps2 drive and move the tab 2 the right and pull out your original ps2 and put in your backup ps2 game for this one i took a burned copy of mlb slugfest 2006

and push in the back up inside of the ps2 tray then ur gonna put back in your home made swap card and move it 2 the right side till the lil tab is on the front of ur swap card and move the tab 2 your left so that the drive is closed u will know if the drive is closed or not if its not closed u will hear your backup spin like u have never herd it spin after the drive is most def closed u go head and push X on the ps2 controller and then


give it a sec or 2 and it should boot like a normal store bought game here goes a screenshot of the slugfest 2006

thats it seems like alot but trust me if ur downloading the game from a torrent site or from a rapidshare link and u did not pay for the game then u cant say that this is so hard 2 do infact your saving money right now I just modded my ps2 about a week ago and ive downloaded 9 games a few new and some old but all of them work so just make sure u take your time when u mod ur ps2 dont do it in a rush u mite mess up the system if u have any questions just make a post right under here and I will try and help u out the best that I could