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Calligrapher 8.2


Calligrapher 8.2
Requirements: Pokcet PC 2003 or later, supports Windows Mobile 4.x and Windows Mobile 5.x
Overview: Write naturally?!
CalliGrapher is an award winning natural handwriting recognition software that supports all handwriting styles - cursive, PRINT or MIXed. In addition to handwriting recognition, CalliGrapher offers PenCommander (an easy-to-use PC navigation tool), ink color selection and customizable ink width, and a "Quick Correct" window for fast correction as the user writes.

CalliGrapher analyzes pen strokes written in any application window or on the designated Write Pad area, converts the pen strokes into text and sends the recognized text to a target application. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques; CalliGrapher recognizes arbitrary alphanumeric strings as well as words from its integrated dictionary.

CalliGrapher also offers a comprehensive spell checker for all applications on your mobile device. The application also includes PenCommander - a utility that allows users to create and execute command scripts by simply writing a word command and drawing a circle around it. CalliGrapher gives you the freedom to enter information quickly and efficiently into your mobile device. You can find the detailed information about CalliGrapher in the User's Guide (PDF).

CalliGrapher Features

* Optimized to work with the latest Microsoft Windows powered Pocket PCs details
* Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP) details. Also see Write Pad Tutorials
* Write Anywhere SIP details. Also see Write Anywhere Tutorials
* Improved handwriting recognition engine reliably recognizes cursive, print or mixed handwriting
* Ready to Go Without Training
* Seamlessly Integrates with most Pocket PC applications
* Includes Spell Checker with Customizable User Dictionary details
* Includes PenCommander details. Also see Visual PenCommander
* Enhanced handwriting recognition engine details
* Full on-screen keyboard with 13 pre-defined layouts for 10 Western European languages and autocomplete feature details
* Built in vocabulary editor details
* Auto corrector details
* CalliGrapher Statistical Analyzer details
* Multilingual support details
* Customizable Toolbar details
* Customizable 24-key keyboard details
* Multilingual support details
* Configuration manager details
* Letter Shape Selector details
* Recognition Margins details
* Ink Color Selection and Customizable Ink Width details
* Enhanced Screen Orientation details
* Separate Letter Mode details
* Quick Correct Window details
screenshots: http://www.phatware.com/calligrapher/screens8.html

Instructions: Laughing download at http://www.phatware.com/calligrapher/index.html and use s/n CGR83-3511-1191-5851. got this from another forum and thought i'd also share it here...