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Mobipocket Office Companion Professional v2.1


Mobipocket Office Companion Professional v2.1
Requirements: 10 MB disk space
Overview: (This is in fact a PC and a PPC version) Export Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook documents to your PDA.

Create your own custom Databases and Dictionaries: export any Microsoft Excel or Access file into a fully indexed and customized PDA Database. You can even choose the look and feel and the colors.

New Outlook Companion: export thousands of contacts, tasks, emails, appointments and even complete Outlook folders into a Mobipocket Database with its ultra-fast index lookup.

Keeps 100% of the formatting of your Excel spreadsheets, with the new Excel Export mode, Export as Image, which will enable you to scroll around very large sheets on your PDA with the Reader built-in Image viewer.

Export and View all your Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on your PDA while keeping ALL document formatting.

* Instant and easy Export : one click icon in Microsoft Office applications
* Compress up to 10 times the original Office document
* Keep ALL the document formatting! : including hyperlinks, images, embedded tables, notes, ......
* 2 Export options : text & images or text only to help you optimize your device memory
* Preview the exported document on your PC before sending it to your PDA
* Beam files between PDAs
* Classify exported documents in your Library (group by category)
* Optimal reading experience with page by page formatting : no scroll bars !
* Personalize document font size
* Zoom & Scroll on images and tables
* Quick navigation everywhere in the document : using the clickable progression bar and the Goto Page function
* Add, Edit, Delete bookmarks to your document
* Perform full text search

Protect your sensitive documents with 3 new security settings using content encryption and password protection.

New export options for the PowerPoint export: presentation outline, slides, notes and even thumbnails. You can also select the target slide size to perfectly match your PDA screen size.

The Pro version adds the following features compared to the Standard version:

* Mobipocket Access Companion : Create your own custom PDA databases from Access
* Mobipocket FrontPage Companion : One click-export of HTML page to your PDA
* Mobipocket Visio Companion : Export Visio diagrams to your PDA
* Batch export : Export multiple Office documents at one time
* Keep the HTML/XML source of exported Office documents Edit the X-HTML source to fine-tune the export to PDA

I have tested on PowerPoint 2003 and 2007, it worked great.
The installation is also include Mobipocket Reader, which will allow you to read *.prc file. As you installed, it will ask you if you want to download it or not. I did, and here is a screenshot for it:

I've test the compression and successfully compressed a 1.8Mb ppt to a 333kb ppt file, with an excellent quality.

Download Instructions: Mobilpocket_Office_Companion_PE_v2.1
or Mobilpocket_Office_Companion_PE_v2.1
1) UNPACK this archive.
2) Run the included setup program(s) to INSTALL the product. (if you want the reader, download it through the installation. You don't need to if you decide to keep the ppt format)
3) Use (one of) the following serial number(s) to REGISTER your product:
4) Remember to CLEANUP by deleting any unneeded files after installation!

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alright if you want it go to the rapidshare link and download it than install to your phone the same way that you would normally with any other application