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NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC


NetFront v3.3 for Pocket PC
Requirements: WM2003/WM5, Storage 10MB, RAM 5MB (5MB running JV-Lite2)
Overview: NetFront for Pocket PC is a high-performance Web browser based on NetFront, which has been successfully installed in a great number of PDAs, mobile phones and other electronic information devices.

*Can be used with VGA LC displays
Correctly displays Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC on VGA LC displays.
*Smart Frame Operation
Simple operation of frame-compatible content, even on small Pocket PC displays. By combined interaction with Smart-Fit Rendering, easier browsing operation is possible.
*RSS (RDF Site Summary / Really Simple Syndication) and Atom Feed compatibility.
Compatibility with RSS and Atom file formats, which enable the distribution of content using XML, enables the browsing of update information for blogs and news sites.
*Web Data/Password Manager
Integrated management of user name/password information input by the user.
*Pop-up Block
Prevents the opening of pop-up windows containing advertising or other things the user is not interested in.
*Page translation
Page translation functioning can be selected from the following menu:
- Japanese to English
*NetFront SMIL Player
SMIL Basic, which implements 3GPP SMIL andW3C, is standard. Various file formats for text, images, voice, video and animation can be freely combined for the playback of multimedia content.
*NetFront SVG Viewer
SVG Tiny1.1, which implements W3C, is standard. SVG content is optimized for the screen sizes of various types of devices, while also allowing enlarged or shrunken display of individual screens.
*Improved operability
Compared to v3.2, it is much easier to use.
-Copy/paste of password input
-Copy/paste of text box
-After text input on the search toolbar, press the Enter key to search.
-Variable cache settings
-Equipped with Windows Mobile5.0 softkey compatible display mode.
Stronger CSS support
CSS compatibility has been enhanced, allowing options such as the ability to change colors of text boxes and other items.
*Virtual Canvas for rendering on virtual screen sizes
Rendering is possible not only for actual screen sizes, but can also be set for virtual screen sizes as well.

Download Instructions: Download full version here and register with included serial.

Alternative Serial Key: dciFor4PDA-DFckF23g2BNc