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Orneta Reader Mobile v2.1.0


Orneta Reader Mobile v2.1.0
Requirements: Pocket PC WM5
Overview: Award Winning and indispensable Adobe PDF and Text (.txt) viewer; View PDF attachments reformatted for your screen now!

The Award Winning Reader Mobile, by Orneta is an indispensable viewer of any Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Text (.txt) document directly from your Windows Mobile based Smartphone. Employing a revolutionary feature to make Adobe PDF documents readable on small screen devices, Reader Mobile re-formats the PDF document to fit the size of your devices screen. You can choose a large font to easily read a file from a distance, or use a small font to see more of the document on the screen at a time. Text and PDF files can be open and read, graphics will not interrupt your reading experience, and are not displayed. Reader Mobile is so powerful you can even save a PDF file as a text document, which you can edit with the Award Winning Notepad Mobile, by Orneta. Start enjoying easily readable PDF files on your device now!
Elegant interface with a powerful design
Reader Mobile has been designed to be simple and elegant, while allowing easy access to powerful features. Powerful features like text searching allow you to easily identify parts of the document. Context sensitive soft keys automatically change depending upon the action you are performing. Read without annoying interruptions by enabling the backlight. Choose the font that fits your needs. Access your most used files easily and conveniently from the recent files menu. The ease of use doesn't make sacrifices to powerful features, you can even save the document as Text for editing.
Powerful playback mode offers unparalleled readability
In addition to re-formatting the text to be easily read, Reader Mobile also has a unique playback system that helps to read documents at your speed, you can set the word per minute, lines per minute or pages per minute. While playback mode is enabled, the current word, line, or page will be highlighted and automatically selects the next occurrence for you. The Playback Feature allows reading of eBook's completely hands free! Set a reading speed, for instance 100 words per minute, and enjoy reading your book. The feature empowers your device to turn the pages for you, providing visual indications to reposition your point of vision to the beginning of the next word. The process creates a very enjoyable reading experience, and easier flow of words. While you are reading files, they are automatically scrolled and reflowed to provide an easy to read experience, which removes the need to scroll as with traditional readers and viewers.
Theme Aware
Resolution Aware
Orientation Aware
Designed for Windows Mobile
Powerful searching functionality
Elegant interface with a powerful design
Simple and elegant one-handed operation
Multi-State Icon Support (Windows Mobile 5.0 Only)
Powerful playback mode offers unparalleled readability

Download Instructions: