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loving this forum software, something to get used to it. I've been with xenforo since it started back to v2 and now its on 2.2
Hi Friend, I need your help, I want to do something on my tilt, Can you install any other rom to my phone?
dude hit me up on your touch pro.. i will switch you for my diamond or even pay you however much you want... let me know... kiit408
hey dude mighty Rom just got an update. just to make sure. do i jusy plug my phone in active sync and open the Exe??
Hey ON3/\L sure hope you keep n touch lil bro!!! Throw me a line or two and keep me updated. You knw how I can fall behind.
techiemoom80 <3
hey Bro....sorry for interrupting....if you people using that Cricket Rom that I put together have no complaints or suggestions for improvement, I will post it to the ROM section.....I appreciate all the help you have provided me in so many threads that I have read......without your shared wisdom I NEVER would have gotten to where I am now.........Best wishes
yea brotha i like that.I thought you would go with the eagles look hahahahah nice nice you can also add this to your blog area